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How can iBeacons help you?

December 01, 2014


iBeacons are small pieces of truly innovative technology which are used to work alongside apps to make apps location aware.

In other words, a user using an app developed with iBeacons can see their distance in a given location where these iBeacons are placed. This is accomplished by the iBeacon transmitting a low energy Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by a phone or tablet device.

So you may be thinking “how is this useful?”.

Lets say you own a bike shop and you have a display with a new bike on show. Your customers can download your app and as they’re walking around your store in close proximity to the new bike with an iBeacon next to it, the app can show the user all sorts of information about the bike – videos, deals, imagery, even the option to share to social media and tell your friends.

They can also be used to give users guided tours of buildings or museums, and provide another level of interactivity, showcasing dynamic and up-to-date information about any thing (or anywhere) they are near.

At indigoRiver, our iBeacons are purchased from Estimote who are one of the leading manufacturers for the masses. They offer a great product which are (in our opinion) the best looking on the market.

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