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Can I learn to code?

February 10, 2015

Learn to code

I’ve been getting more people viewing my blog because of it’s open and honest content. For this reason I’ve decided to explain a little about what it takes to make a website or app from the very basics, how to learn to code.

Coding has become popular in recent years, especially with the introduction of large organisations such as Year of Code and Code.org trying to mainstream coding. I think this is a great idea as it helps our younger generation begin the learning process earlier with introduction to schools and having coding explored in the media.

Previously coding has had a stigma attached that it’s only for certain types of people, but as a society we are becoming a lot more savvy with everything digital so more people are realising just how much of our lives depend on something running with the use of a computer or device. When you have devices and computers, you inevitably have programs written in code. This includes anything from household items like modern fridges and washing machines, all the way to everyday machines like cash machines and digital bus stop signs.

Coding for the web and apps are just a small part of the programming landscape. Developers (coders) are split into front end and back end development teams. Front end developing is coding the visuals of the website using HTML and CSS languages for example, whilst back end coding handles the “business logic” of web systems such as user login/registration functionality with the use of languages like PHP and ASP.

If you ever wish to see what it’s like for yourself, there are few brilliant websites such as CodeAcademy and CodeSchool for people to take free code courses and tutorials and allow people of all ages and experience levels to give it a try.

Senior Web Developer at Day Out With The Kids

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