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Is email marketing still worth it?

April 25, 2015

Email marketing

It’s one thing getting a nice website or app to promote your business or venture digitally, but that’s only half the battle. Once that’s live and ready for people to see, the challenge is getting people to view your online presence. There are several ways to get your content out to the masses: SEO(Search Engine Optimisation); PPC (Pay Per Click); paid advertising on social media to name a few. This article will focus on email marketing.

Email marketing is still a great way of sending in depth and varied information to a list of people. An existing list of email addresses is needed for this approach, but if you don’t have any these can be gained by getting people to fill out online surveys or purchasing a list from a reputable company for example.

There are a few important aspects to an email which contribute towards it’s success probability. For example, people very often instantly delete or skip over emails nowadays so the design of an email is important as it may be more engaging for users. Similarly, the subject like must be concise and interesting else the user may assume the email is spam. Another good way to get people to pay more attention to you email is if it’s personalised to you, which can be done by something as simple as having the persons name in the email - “Hi Dave” for example.

Another consideration when sending emails is how to measure the success. Time and effort can be put into making an email work, but it helps if we are able to see how many people have viewed your email or how many people have clicked through to your website or service. This is often done through the use of FREE online email marketing tools like Mailchimp and are a staple for any kind of marketing plan.

For developers out there, there are also online systems, similar to Mailchimp, called Transactional email systems. One such example is Sendgrid, which are excellent API based systems for sending email reliably, whilst having that extra level of control over tweaking the smallest settings and getting great analytics.

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